If you ever played an organized sport, you can attest to the fact there were some coaches you loved and others maybe not so much. I admit I have a couple voodoo dolls from my past. 🙂  Coaches, like any teacher, must establish a rapport with their athletes that is built on respect, dedication, and guidance. Now I don’t have a degree in psychology, but I do know this; when someone has my best interest at heart and cares about me on a personal level, I am working my butt off for them. What I learned this past Sunday at the Fox and Hound in Philadelphia was Chandler Brown is the kind of coach I’d give my 100%. Chandler is the head coach of the Philadelphia Passion which is a team in the Lingerie Football League. When talking with Chandler, you can’t help but get excited about this league. Like his star player Marirose Roach, Chandler is mild-mannered and humble, but incredibly passionate about his job.

Ronald J. Rick assistant coach, Jen Heasley, and

Chandler Brown head coach of the Philadelphia Passion

A clip of the Passion v.s. The Miami Caliente

It was very evident that Marirose has nothing but appreciation for her coach’s hard work.  Unlike the NFL teams, head coaches of the LFL are responsible for all aspects of the team’s management.  The is no general manager or public relations department. Chandler handles all of these responsibilities. Like his athletes, coaching is Chandler’s part-time job. Teaching physical education at the middle school level is the full-time gig. That explains why he’s so calm. He’s with 8th graders all day. When talking with Chandler, his love for coaching comes across as if he were a motivational speaker on tour.  He spoke about his drive to inspire and push the athletes. The bar is set high, but nothing he wouldn’t expect from himself. The standards aren’t just on the field. Chandler has strict rules about alcohol and strong suggestions about diet. There is no alcohol during the season and encourages the women to stick to three balanced meals a day, no snacking. Right there I’d be off the team.  Cane University is Chandler’s alma mater. After college he was invited to the Eagles’ training camp, but was injured. At that crossroad,  he moved to coaching and hasn’t looked back. Last year the Philadelphia Passion made it to the LFL Super Bowl, however they lost by one point. Marirose and Chandler are extremely excited about the up coming season and hopes for a return to the Super Bowl.

While we were having a bite to eat at the Fox and Hound, Marirose admitted that she does her best to stick to the regimented diet, however her favorite dish is chicken and broccoli alfredo. Ok, that is not so low cal. Chandler said he’s not to complicated when it comes to food simply describing himself as a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Big shock, a guy that loves his meat and potatoes.  To help out my new friend Marirose, I have worked out a chicken and broccoli alfredo that is a bit lower in calories. And for Chandler, I have recipe for a quick and easy steak and potato kebab. These could be an appetizer or add a few sides and make it a meal.

 Marirose’s Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

I did my best to reduce the calories. You will see it’s not my usual butter, heavy

cream, and four cheese type of meal.

1/2 lb fettuccine, uncooked

2 cups fresh broccoli florets

1/8 cup Italian dressing

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into bite size pieces

1 cup milk 2%

8 oz softened cream cheese

1/4 cup grated  parmesan cheese

1/2 tsp Italian seasoning

Cook- pasta to directions on package, adding broccoli florets to the boiling water the last two minutes

While- pasta is cooking, heat dressing in non-stick skillet on medium-high. Add chicken, cook for 5 minutes or until done. Stirring occasionally. Stir in

remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil stirring constantly, cook 1 to 2 minutes or until sauce is well blended and heated through out

Drain– pasta mixture, place in large bowl. Add chicken mixture, mix lightly

Steakhouse Kebab

– 1 1/2 lbs cubed sirlon

– 4 tablespoons olive oil

– chopped parsley

– 2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce

– 2 chopped garlic cloves

– salt and pepper

– boiled baby potatoes

1. Marinate cubed sirlon in olive oil, chopped parsley, chopped garlic and salt/pepper

in plastic bag overnight.

2. Boil baby potatoes for 5-7

3. Thread the sirlon and potatoes alternating onto skewers (if wooden soak in advance)

4. Grill indoor or outdoor for 10-15 minutes cook until desired doneness

5. Enjoy!!

Below are the links to a few of the spots that Marirose suggested we try next time in Philadelphia. These places look amazing!

Redz, Sampan Graffiti Bar, Barclay Prime, and Arrow Swim Club!!!





Please try these recipe.  They’re pretty darn good!! Thanks and remember……Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!