Bitter sweet is how we often view Labor Day Weekend.  A sweet for many parents as school begins (let’s keep it real) and a bitter to the end of the care free feeling of summer. With mixed emotions about both, I head  into the fall knowing  I am just ready for some football. After enduring the lockout and now the sad controversy that surrounds college football, I believe most fans just want to get back to basics.  This weekend brings the “official” start to the college football and anticipation of next weekend’s opening day for the NFL.  Not only am I thrilled about the games, but the food that I will prepare, the tailgates I will attend, and the comfort that this outlet brings to sports fans. As game day rolls around, we often associate many foods with our favorite teams. Next weekend I will be headed to “Happy Valley” for the PSU vs Alabama game. Of course there are a few stops I should make; Ye Olde College Diner for a grilled stickies, Baby’s for a shake, and The Waffle Shop for the best pancakes around. My 5 years at PSU ( not because of an additional degree :))  are not just associated with the friends, sports, the campus, and parties but the iconic food spots as well. There will be nothing bitter about my trip to “State”, unless we lose, but the sweet will be some of the great food and incredible energy the pulses through Beaver Stadium.

The official site the Ye Olde College Diner

You know you’re a Penn State fan if you know about the grilled sticky!!

There is something to be said about a country that has hypothetical teams based on a fantasy draft  and a video game that allows people to believe they are as talented as their favorite football players based on their hand-eye coordination via a remote control. Opening day is upon us, fall is in the air, and the kids are back to school.

Let the games being and remember……………Who do you want in your kitchen on game day?

My daughters Paige and Brooke on their first day of school!!