In all areas of life there is a proverbial golden ring.  A “pinnacle” for every aspect of what we do.  It might be making partner at the law firm, buying a luxury SUV, a vacation home at the beach, box seats for life, hitting happy hour in time for the drink specials, or marrying a franchise player. We all have our own definition.  In the sporting world, the golden ring would be a coveted championship, medal, title, belt, or trophy. Not only do the athletes relish and bask in the glory of these accomplishments, but the fans do as well.  Vicariously, we live through these incredible talents believing their feat’s are our own. Most of us dream about competing at this level and therefore praise the ability and “true grit” of the athletes. Often we use their success as a road map to drive our own aspirations. As a young athlete, I was motived by my favorite sport icons and their accomplishments. However, at this point in my life, a 5:00 am run is merely to negate the effects of my recipe testing and libations that are part of the process (there is no calorie counting with this gig).  Essentially, an early morning run is not for an up coming marathon.  My “golden ring pendulum” has shifted. The bar is still set very high like many of the athletes I admire, but for me the pinnacle is to share great interviews, shows, stories and recipes that embody the world of sports and food. This week I received a copy of Taste Of Home a cooking magazine and one of my recipes was featured. It was the same adrenaline rush I have felt when I was running at my best. I felt like I was standing on the podium.

The Pinnacle

The Lombardi Trophy

Six times!!!! Only In Pittsburgh 🙂

The Checkered Flag!!! Jimmie Johnson, Richard Petty,

Jeff Gordan, and late Dale Earnhardt are the reigning

kings of Nascar!!

The Davis Cup

The premier event in men’s tennis. America is leading the series.

The World Championship Trophy

The Yankees are no strangers to this picture.

The ESPY Awards

 The Acadmey Awards of sports!

Olympic Medals

The true golden ring of modern times.

Taste Of Home October Edition

My “Dessert Nat-Chos” are featured.

My invitation to the dance!!! It’s like March Maddness and

I have made the brackets!!

Check out the show clip below. I share the recipe for the “Dessert Nat-Chos

Thanks for reading and focus on your golden ring. You can grab it!

Take care and remember……………….Who Do you want in your kitchen on game day?