All sport fans have a handful of friends that go above and beyond in their “die hardness”. Here are a few examples that I love; naming a child after their favorite player, a closet that has more sports apparel than work apparel, a “tricked out” school bus designated for tailgating, and a room or rooms dedicated to team memorabilia. This blog is about some the most loyal and dedicated fans I know. Not only are these people devoted to showing team pride, they love some incredible game day foods as well.

While in Ohio a few weeks ago, I attended a Ohio State Tailgate Party at the home of Chris and Kim Fargo of Rossford, OH.

Wonderful people that know how to throw a tailgate party!!

The classic “chip and dip” helmet!!

Brutus the Buckeye

OSU flag!! This is actually up year round.

My favorite tailgate game…..cornhole. We have the PSU version.

Photo ops provided for all OSU fans.

Chris sends his daughter Elizabeth around the neighborhood

on this ATV spreading OSU propaganda.

Chris and Kim keep their prized possessions behind OSU lock and key.

 OSU love in lights.

Chris and Kim’s daughter Elizabeth. You know the

baby didn’t have a choice. This little girl is OSU to

the core.

No tailgating item left un-purchased!!!

No home decor item left un-purchased!!!

Every inch OSU!!

Some OSU ink. Going under the needle for the cause.

These friends and family members are actually smiling

out of fear. If not, they might be banned from future tailgate parties.

Buckeye necklaces can also double as a snack.

Before entering the house, Chris mandates that guests

 tap the OSU flag. Apparently you’re in for 3 years of bad luck otherwise.

Chris and Kim Fargo are incredible people who know how to

throw a great tailgate. A genuinely fun and caring family.

Please just take note of the red trucks

in the background. Does the loyalty end? 🙂

Chris and Kim’s favorite tailgate food would be buffalo wings

and any of the great food their friends bring to share!!

For an awesome wing recipe, check out my post July 26th “Are You Ready For Some Football?”

My Next stop,  a room dedicated to Penn State  Julie Fabie is my dear friend

and fellow Penn Stater. Julie With Michael Robinson.

Shane Conlan, right? No, Paul Posluszny in Julie’s basement.

Awesome Sugar Bowl poster Julie acquired in New Orleans.

No flashing required!

  I think Julie has a thing for Paul Posluszny!!

Undefeated Penn State!!!

Have a coke and a Penn State smile!!

A piece of Penn State History!!!

I loved this picture!!

Speaks for itself!!

We Are!!!

Julie’s Favorite Game Day Treat!!! Buffalo Chicken Dip

2 cans  of chicken

2 blocks of cream cheese (softened)

1 small bottle of ranch

1/2 cup red hot

Blend all ingredients together and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Julie servers her dip with celery, carrots, pitas, tortilias, and variety of crackers.

That is the easiest appetizer ever!!!

The last home featured I did not visit. Troy Drayton a Penn State friend, who also played

for the Miami Dolphins,  shared these pictures with me!! Unbelievable.

This is loyalty!!

You could shower with Dan Marino

Who organized this room? My friends  know I would be having

a meltdown. I would shut down after the first wall.

Miami Dolphin love!!!

 Don Shula must be under one of the glass cases…

Sports fanatics at their best!! I love these homes, rooms, and loyal fans. What a tribute to

their favorite teams!!

Hope you enjoyed this snip of sports memorabilia and Julie’s awesome Buffalo Chicken Dip

Remember………Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day?