A few weeks ago my close friends Leslie, Shelly, and myself had the honor of being “Celebrity Guests” at the Penn State Harrisburg Golf Outing. The event was held as a fund-raiser for their athletic department. We were in charge of the “Hole In One” green. Ironically, none of us golf…at all. But for the record, I do own golf clubs. Anyway, golfers or not, we had an awesome time with the all of the people we met. However, 18 holes is a long, long day and I have a ton of great pictures to share.

Observe my lonely golf clubs I purchased about 3 years ago.

They have been to the driving range 3 times. Some joy probably surged through the metal

as I moved them from my recreation room a.k.a. laundry room to my driveway for this picture.

It was a beautiful day for golf at the Colonial Golf and Tennis Club in Harrisburg, Pa.

Great Penn State staff and support team assisting with a smooth registration.

Each team member knew their job!!!

Lots of Blue and White being worn that day!!! S-T-A-T-E GO STATE

Chancellor Mukund Kulkarni shared a few words of thanks and inspiration to get the day started.

Marissa Hoover… Director of Development and Alumni Relations Senior

Woman Administrator for Athletics Penn State Harrisburg.

Marissa attended University Park from 1996-2000

  and a member of the Lady Lions Basketball Team.

This entire event was organized by Marissa as it is something she is very

passionate about…excellent JOB!!!

I think there was some pre-game gambling taking place, but

I can’t be 100% on that.

Get your engines started….ok wrong sport, but everyone got

their carts reved up for this “sell out” event that

raised $26,000 for the athletic department.

Everything seems light and lively right now, but what happens

on the course stays on the course. All I kept thinking about was Happy Gilmore.


Everyone was eagerly practicing their swing and my goodness they all looked great.

Ok, I really won’t know 🙂 but everyone was very enthusiastic. 

Also, I only saw two drinks that may have been suspect for this pre-game warm-up.

So the carts rolled out!!! Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

Marissa recruited many of the Penn State Harrisburg athletes to

support and work this event. I don’t know if they were as excited

as Leslie, Shelly, and myself.

To me this position indicates a golfer knows what they are doing. I could

be wrong, but I have seen many of the greats down in this squat.

Look at this form…nice. Because I am successful at mini golf as well

golf on the wii, I believe that gives me a certain level of expertise. 🙂

Shelly Mitchell-Hollingsworth, the Nittany Lion, Leslie Giordano, and myself.

Finally, my partners in crime arrived from their New York/New Jersey homes.

We proceeded to cheer on and entertain the players at the “Hole In One” green.

Leslie chatting it up with the participants

We were curious about everyone’s affiliation with Penn State University.

Many alumni and others who just wanted to support the cause

Each player had three chances for a weekend package at The Hotel Hershey Spa

Golfers were encouraged to write our names on the back of the tickets. Most didn’t agree

Even though his form looks great, please take note to the tan

building in the background. I wanted to know what on Earth these

people eat while playing 18 holes of golf. That little spot was a quick stop for

players to grab a sandwich or finger food. A beverage as well 🙂 Of course, I had to

come up with a snack that could be on any golf course.

Chicken BLT Ranch Wrap

– 4 Chicken Breast slice into fingers

(you could cheat and use store bought chicken fingers)

– 1 tomato diced

– iceberg lettuce shredded

– 6 strips of bacon

– shredded cheddar cheese

– 10′ flour tortillas

– 1 cup ranch dressing store bought bottle is fine

– 2 cups flour seasoned with salt and pepper, 3 whisked eggs,

3 cups panko bread crumbs, and oil to fry chicken

1. dredge chicken for frying in a three dish station, place chicken

in flour, then eggs, then panko bread crumbs.

2. Fry chicken at 350 degrees

3. Brown bacon in oven on baking sheet at 400 degrees (crumble)

4. Dice tomato and shred lettuce

5. Warm tortilla in microwave for 20 seconds, place one

or two chicken strips in tortilla.

6. Top with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, and dressing

Fold tortilla. (Most packages show how to fold)

7. This is a quick and easy wrap that can be eaten on the go.

Nothing like eating on the go!!!

Because 18 holes is like 7 hours of golfing, I have tons more to share about

this outstanding fund-raiser and day at the Colonial Golf and Tennis Club.

Stay tuned for more great pictures and other recipes that would work for any

snack on the go!!!

Remember……………………. Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day??