With the World Series in full swing,  I know that sunflower seeds are the choice of many baseball players and fans. My father loved them. David’s Sunflower Seeds, very popular, now come in many flavors. Tasty as that salty shell is, I will stick with a childhood fall favorite… pumpkin seeds. Because my parents were big horticulturists, that’s a nice way of saying they had a big garden in our backyard, I know pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, and a pumpkin patch Charlie Brown. My daughters and I made a quick trip to the local pumpkin patch that evolved into some delicious seeds and a Jack-O-Lantern

Our local pumpkin patch!!!

The girls debate their choice. Brooke was trying to attend to Paige.

Body language tells all!!

Brooke agrees begrudgingly.

Beautiful Mums!!!! A true sign of fall.

So great, I was missing College Game Day on ESPN. Just say’n

The victim… after Paige spent about two hours removing the seeds

Our victim, nice and clean….Paige is very meticulous.

On a real tip, you “gut” the pumpkin and remove the seeds

from the pulp or meat of the pumpkin. Do not rinse them. Toss them in a bag

with olive oil and sprinkle with you favorite seasoning. We used old bay.

Bake your seeds at 275 degrees for about 1 hour 15 minutes

Pumpkin Seeds!!!! No spitting required. Just eat

We sprinkled ground cinnamon in our pumpkin. When the

candle burns, the cinnamon scent warms the night air.

Our Jack-O-Lantern… It is rather apparent I am not crafty with

the carving tools. 🙂  The pumpkin seeds were great and my daughters

continue a fond childhood memory. It would not be sunflower seed


Check out these Bullpen Olympics and their competition with sunflower seeds

This cracked me up. As children, my brothers and I would have competitions to see who could

spit sunflower seeds the farthest. So ladylike I know….


Enjoy the World Series, the beauty of the fall, and try this fun tradition

Remember………Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day???