America, as I am channeling Bernie Mac right now, people are bringing wine to the tailgate. The New York Jets, along with a few other teams in the NFL, have their own trademarked wine. What on Earth? Did someone not tell these folks that tailgating is built on beer, food, beer, some more food and then beer pong. Oh wait….. it is 2011 and the face of tailgating has definitely changed. Tailgating can now be as lavish as any party hosted out on the Hamptons….that being said, a wine that is branded by a professional sport  team is completely genius. With the awareness that I have an ignorant palate when it comes to wine, I know I must step outside of my traditional tailgating mindset. I must embrace this idea of fans sipping wine, with a fully catered spread, watching the game on a 54′ screen TV, under a heater that pumps out more energy than my furnace. Shall we say it is not the “roughing it” I have been accustom to. The following is my emotional roller coaster over the new face of tailgating. Is it jealousy or the fact that I am a Taurus and refuse to budge on my idea of a tailgate?

Jets Uncorked….Very Classy….I wonder if Fireman Ed was on the bottle design team

Very nice touch…..but what about the bottle opener at the stadium…I have seen too many people try

to use a knife to remove a cork….. faux pas

Jets Uncorked is a Cabernet Sauvignon perfect with some cheese and

crackers, grapes, and beluga caviar (you just can’t see it in this picture)…This glamorous spread is calling for

Broadway Joe!!!! New York, New York…..but it doesn’t scream everyone’s favorite

tailgating game!!!

This set-up doesn’t even look right..

The game wouldn’t be the same!! Wine Pong?

Now what I know….If you own a Terrible Towel, you know about Iron City Beer

Ohhhh….Iron City Beer Products….some fond memories for me

Our tailgating spread cost….. $12 🙂

It is Jack Lambert and Terry Bradshaw approved…

The way the game should be played……however I suggest some IC Light….

In all honesty, I was ecstatic when my friend Leslie, a Jets fan, called me about this wine. 

Tailgating has evolved and I love it…….Truth be told, I

am a little jealous of the swanky tailgate parties, but I love the simplicity of a

grill, cooler, and some chairs.  Kudos to the Jets

 for branching out in this spirit and to the fans that embrace it!! 


The drink does not matter..Just enjoy responsibly and remember….

Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day?