It has taken me a few weeks to thaw out and recover, but I am now able to share a story of endurance and courage. The last weekend of October Men’s Health magazine hosted the Urbanathlon at Citi Field in Queens, New York.

The Urbanathlon is a grueling challenge… a 10 mile race infused with obstacles….stadium stair climbing, wall scaling, ground crawling,car hurdling….a little something I call crazy. Well, this year my girl Leslie was up for the challenge and did it relay style. Leslie and her crew prepared for months under the guidance of Bernard “Bernie” Henry their trainer from Synergy Gym in Garden City Park, New York. What they did not train for was the 33 degree weather in a torrential down pour. But please don’t get this twisted, the real story of courage comes from the friends and family that came out to support this event. Do you know what it’s like to stand in a down pour for 3 hours :)……. I’m kidding alright..let me share their journey with you…

Our morning started at 4:15 am….did you hear me 4:15….This is the

5th picture I took of Leslie. If I had to be up this early,  she was gonna smile

 5:15 am..seriously…the team met at Bernie’s house.

Notice their smile’s here in the warmth of his home..

that will be short-lived…

Everyone was so excited with the anticipation of the event…contagious..

I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t running…..Ok I’m lying, but it was great to see

their enthusiasm..

 Please notice the beer tickets at the bottom of the race number

That is the sign of a great race coordinator….that would definitely

be motivating for some

Big races always provide a nice goodie bag….

We finally made our way to Citi Field…there are still some smiles..fading

…layers were being applied as the temperature was dropping…

Team Synergy and Lose N Tone

NYPD in full affect…You never know

I loved this mantra for the race….and these words were so true on this crazy day.. 33 degrees.. just a

reminder note….I am a good friend

Winter weather on Halloween Weekend was a big let down. Men’s Health magazine set up

an incredible festival atmosphere……

Group guided warm-up……I could hear Phil Collins

in my head………something was in the air for sure…… precipitation

Good Luck……how about a silent prayer……

A race of this magnitude requires waves and shuttle buses for the relay members..

This was Leslie’s wave just look at the age group……:) Once the team was

being shuttle I lost Leslie in an effort to find the rest of our family and seek


As I sought shelter in a small tent, our family joined me to cheer on Leslie and her team

Check in tomorrow for part two…you will see how awesome these athletes really are and

the outstanding post race party for team Synergy and Lose N Tone…I did the catering 🙂

Remember………………….Who Do you Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day?