The Urbanathlon is the ultimate race concept. It embodies your 8th grade field day and the Presidential Physical Fitness Award all in one…even though I did not have one shred of interest in participating…I love everything that Men’s Health Magazine has done to put this together. Leslie, my dear friend and her group from Synergy Gym in Garden City Park, New York embraced this feat as a result of Bernie Henry’s encouragement. Bernie Henry is a trainer/motivational speaker…I don’t think he has book contract yet 🙂 but Leslie bought into the idea therefore he is inspiring…

As dawn broke…FYI we were there at 6 something…all runners prepared for a 8:00 am start

Patriotism, a call to the fashion police,or Betsy Ross as one of their ancestors…it didn’t matter. These

gentlemen made me laugh and provided a greater appreciation for the day!!

Like myself…these friends and family members would not be deterred by this unseasonal weather..

It was our job to support…

All family members…thankfully we have fish…


As the crowd anxiously waited to cheer on their people….this guy’s energy could not

go unnoticed…..perhaps he had an early morning triple shot of red bull… What do you think?

While Leslie’s mother and I ( Go Mrs.Giordano) scanned the sea of people for  Leslie and her friend’s

from team Synergy,  we continued to be

impressed by everyone’s determination….

In true Leslie fashion, she passed by smiling as she

entered Citi Field…only to conquer the stadium stairs…

 Relay team members made their way to the finish line area, it was apparent that this crazy weather

was a non-factor….

The last portion of the race athletes had to get over taxi cabs…..can you say

Dukes Of Hazzard…Look at that move

Climb up a bus….what the heck…I watch Home Makeover..It should be “Move That Bus”

I am doing a write in campaign for next year…I want to see some bus flipping

Army crawl under the Jeeps…..I

think they should place some kind of Wonka ticket in the goodie bags to win

the Jeep….another write-in campaign for next year…

Ok, I know there is a contrast here…Davon Livingston owner of Lose-N-Tone share

this picture with me via e-mail….. members of Team Lose-N-Tone

along with some Team Synergy members….

Leslie beamed with pride at her accomplishment……

Because the conditions were less than desirable….the family and I high tailed it out of

Citi Field…..but Team Synergy and Team Lose-N-Tone got a second wind for their post

race party held later that day…

Wonderful, wonderful people… Viviana, Vivian, Rawya, Leslie, Gail, Ann, Bernie, Davon, Poppy, Stephen, Janet, Mike, Kathleen, Brain, Beatrice, Ogechi, Erica, Leroy, and Danielle were the team members

Leslie with fitness guru/trainer Bernie Henry rock’n some Halloween spirit..Bernie

created a bond of trust and friendship among these people… members had words of

great praise for the empowerment they felt as a result of Bernie’s encouragement

Now that the race was over…..all training restrictions were out the door….Janet was proudly wearing

her medal…you go girl

Stephen, Gail, and Bernie…….. still on the endorphin high

Viviana, Leslie, and Rawya……planning their next race

finally people started to eat….I spent my afternoon cooking for my new friends..

I am a notorious food bully

There was no calorie counting..chorizo and potato empanadas, fried chicken, bar-b-que chicken, rice

and beans,

Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto, tortillas,

Italian sausage, pasta, homemade meatballs, chili, garlic bread………

you get the point…all plates wiped clean

 Leslie with Davon Livingston….Owner of Lose-N-Tone out of Queens, New York…Davone

was elated with everyone’s success by defying the unbelievable conditions…

…. Davon was also the life of the party……..

Needless to say it was an awesome post race party that went well into the night

…sing, dancing,games…fun was had by all…

Next year will be even bigger and better…I CANNOT WAIT

The place I love the most…my apron proves all of my hard work for the day

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