After my exciting day at the Ravens Training Facility in Owings Mills with Tenille Moore Director of Food Services, Billy Cundiff was over come with joy at the idea of taping a cooking segment with me. Ok, I contacted his wife Nicole inviting them to join me in the kitchen. During our time together at the Ravens facility, I learned.. Billy has a great sense of humor, he has been around the league (not the block), Nicole, his wife is delightful, and they have a cause that is very close to their hearts.

Billy Cundiff and his wife Nicole at the Ravens Training Facility in Owings Mills… Unfortunately, Nicole was not feeling well the day we taped the cooking show and couldn’t join us…:(

As we were setting up to tape my show with Billy, I was thinking back to the conversation that he and I had at the training facility. We chatted about the fact that Billy is definitely a player in the NFL who has seen his share of the countries landscape…

Dallas, Tampa, Green Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta, Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland, and Baltimore…talk about some frequent flier points for Nicole

All that is required behind the scenes…

Billy is a Drake University graduate.  Not only did he play football, but he was on the basketball team as well (according to him a bench warmer) I don’t believe him. However, he did not take me up on my 1 on 1 challenge. I can be intimidating. Billy was also a State Champion High jumper….a triple threat…

While at Drake, Billy and Nicole met.. Very nice to see a relationship with some stamina….As Billy’s career has had quite a few zip code changes, Nicole has managed to hold down the fort by earning her law degree and passing the bar, raise their two small children (at times like a single parent Billy admits), teach collegiate level classes, and possibly the biggest obstacle…. endure her mother’s battle with Ovarian Cancer

Cheese or Cheesy….that’s the question

Having dealt with many family members fight the fight of cancer, I empathized with Nicole and Billy as they shared their story. Nicole’s mother is now in remission, but their goal is to raise Ovarian Cancer awareness. Like many forms of cancer, early detection is the key. Without early detection, this form of cancer will spread to the pelvis and abdomen. At that point, it becomes difficult to treat. Women need to be informed of the screenings necessary to test for Ovarian Cancer.

In the off season, Billy and Nicole reside in Arizona…for that reason I went with a Southwest menu for the show…below you will see us prepare two of the easiest appetizers will be a superstar with you guests. I can’t guarantee you a spot at the Taste Of The NFL like Billy and Nicole..but your guest will see you in a whole new light

Sautéed shrimp, fried corn tortillas… served with salsa…

Good Eats Below…

Chicken enchiladas,,,,

Our entrée…..chicken enchiladas, black beans, and white rice

Between takes, Billy talked about adjusting his diet…if he cares for his body..his body will reciprocate the favor allowing for a longer NFL career. Some changes…gluten free,dairy restrictions, free-range, no carbs…Billy knows food. At the time, he was reading Michael Pollan’s.. Omnivores Dilemma

What is a Southwest meal without a little tequila?

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadin, and some ice..easy

Cooking with Billy was a true pleasure..his humor is dry and I love it. I think he’s after Trey Wingos job when he retires. Undoubtedly, Billy learned a few tricks of the trade while in the kitchen with me. Since he’s “in” with the video game people..Madden 12..he promised he would initiate talks to feature me as a guest cook on the next version of Cooking Mama..maybe Nicole could be my legal representation

Check out this 62 yard field goal Billy kicked on Madden! EA Sports..impressive!

And It’s a wrap!!

At the end of the shoot Billy tasted the final result of our hard work and can attest the enchiladas are incredible..above is Billy with my niece Alexis and my daughters Paige and Brooke

Big thanks to Billy for a great day!!! We wish him the best of luck as the Ravens move forward in the playoff and I hope Nicole can cook with us the next time.

Also, a big thank you to my partner in crime a.k.a my photographer Leslie…Love you!!!

Stay tuned for the complete episode of Jen Heasley’s Cooking With The Pros featuring Billy…

Below I have shared a links about Ovarian Cancer. Also, The Taste Of The NFL which Billy and Nicole have the opportunity to be involved.


Just Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day??