I am re-posting a blog I did a while back about Pro Bowl tailback Michael Robinson.  Michael made the Pro Bowl for the first time this year, however it was a roller coaster ride getting there. Sadly, Michael had to make a trip to Penn State on his way to Hawaii as he was one of the former players asked to speak at Joe Paterno’s memorial service. So, I am sharing this blog about Michael because I want congratulate him on his Pro Bowl bid as well as the loyalty he showed Penn State and his beloved coach Joe Paterno.

April, I taped my first cooking show for Jen Heasley’s Cooking With The Pros. The higher powers in my life always work in my favor. This time I did not leave it to chance questioning the magic 8 ball my daughters and I like to use. Chafie Fields, Penn State football player, NFL player, now sport agent, intervened and put me in touch with Michael Robinson. Michael is a Penn State icon. Michael had a tremendous career at Penn State and recently was featured on an ESPN special honoring the top coaches in the NCAA. With this level of stardom, and currently playing for the Seahawks, it was hard to say what Michael’s ego might be like.  I am so pleased to tell you that Michael is a genuinely kind and sincere person. He graciously came to York to do the show with me and shared insight on how to move forward with my dream.  It is easy to assume that fame and the media spotlight might cause some to be out of touch with reality, however Michael appreciates his fans and their support. He is definitely someone we cheer for and wish the best.  Please check out the full clip of Michael and I together doing a “Steagles Sandwich”. My own creation. Michael even questioned if it would be good and he loved it!!

Derrick Williams, Jen Heasley, and Michael Robinson

Jen Heasley’s Cooking With The Pros April 2011

Also, checkout Michael’s webcast The Real Robinson Report!!!! It is

not about getting a date or his relationship with his publicists. Good Stuff!!

Remember…………………..Who Do You Want In You Kitchen On Game Day!!!