At the age of 1 months, I was adopted. I could actually be the illegitimate love child of Cheryl Miller and Bobby Flay. Take a good long look at me. At any rate, my life path is a bit unique considering the status of our country at the time of my adoption. I will not bore you with the intimate details of my childhood (being made into a True Hollywood Story), but this I will share. I am one of four children and two of us integrated every community we lived in and school we attended. Were my parents Civil Rights Pioneers in their own way? Absolutely!  Did my parents just want to have children regardless of gender, race, or health issues? Yes! And was I taught to be resilient and have a pseudo (I loved crying like it was my part-time job) thick skin at a young age? Certainly! But my family did everything quietly and on our own terms. There were no protests or petitions despite many, shall we say “battles”.  Just life lessons about human relations and global expectations. Regard for all human beings…nothing more or nothing less. Human decency!

I say all of this because, my niece Alexis text me last night with her grave concerns about Joseph Kony, guerrilla leader in Uganda. We chatted back and forth via text about the situation. Finally, Alexis simply asked if I would reach out through my blog.  Alexis, who is headed to Columbia University in the fall and running track, is very passionate about social and political activism. For that reason, as well as what I believe to be right, I have agreed to share this video on my site. What my parents did can in no way be compared to this movment, but my parents stood up for our family and what they believed in… That is the first step to change!

The show Alexis and I did together!!! It is light and lively!!

Please enjoy the 1855….. my drink dedicated to PSU

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