Over the last few weeks, we have watched the details of the 2012 Olympics  unfold. As with every Olympic Games, to my memory, there have been moments of disbelief, remarkable upsets, and controversy. To this point, the greatest moment of disbelief, from my perspective,  is the 100 meter dash photo finish of Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh tying for 3rd place. Hence the controversy. If this had been a 2nd place tie, there would be no drama. But it wasn’t.. so the question “Who gets the 3rd spot on the team in the 100 meter dash”. What on Earth? Thank goodness I wasn’t in that heat. With my blistering speed, I could have toppled this whole scenario.  Please review this picture below.

Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix 

Ok..that is crazy. Because this has never happened in Olympic Trial history, no one seemed to know what to do. USATF (the track and field officials) apparently didn’t have a proper plan of action in place if this was ever to occur. As we watched and then waited for the decision,  the fans weren’t getting any answers. Part of the problem is the fact that these ladies are training partners with the same coach Bob Kersee. Word on the street;  Mr. Kersee was having conversations with the officials about how the situation should be handled. Hmmmm… I am not quite sure what to make of that. Then there was “Lets see what happens in the 200 meter dash”. Allyson won and Jeneba was 5th. That didn’t seem to solve the problem either. But finally the news broke and the choices were; have a run off  or a coin toss. A coin toss?? Really….that’s the best we can do to resolve this issue. Me personally, I am taking the run-off. But none of this ever transpired. Jeneba Tarmoh simply backed out before the race and gave Allyson the spot.  It would be interesting to know the thought processing behind this decision. This is the Olympics darn it. But as I am not in this young woman’s shoes,  I hope she did what she felt was best for her. Don’t fret,  Jeneba will still get to have the “Olympic Experience” as a member of the 4X100 meter relay team.  They take 6-8 people and decide who will actually run in the finals. The alternates can be used in the heats leading up to the finals as I am sure team USA will be in that top 8 no doubt.

Another pieces of excitement……..

  “The Fastest Man in the World” Usain Bolt loses in the 200 meters to Yohan Blake at the Jamaican Olympic trials.  This was a shocker….Usain even ditched his girlfriend to focus on training. Maybe not such a wise decision.

 Now let’s talk fashion…………………..

 So a few days ago, I was watching the Today Show and to my surprise they were unveiling the outfits being worn by the Olympic team during the opening ceremonies. It got even better when they announced that Ralph Lauren was the designer. As I waited with baited breath, I burst into laughter when I saw the beret.  Thinking long and hard I tried to remember if I ever wore a beret and then I had a quick flash; Ahh…my middle school years in the color guard for the marching band. I carried the rifle. An exceptionally important role I might add. At any rate, I found the overall outfit rather rigid, yet classic with a sense of sophistication. If that makes sense. But my opinion was one thing, then our representatives in Washington caught wind that our friends at Ralph Lauren had sourced the job of tailoring the outfits to China…Yikes!! There were some ugly statements on the part of some political leaders. My input… lose the beret.


Even with these moments of controversy, upset, and disbelief; I am sure the games will be as exciting and fascinating as ever. Don’t we all get goosebumps when we are watching the games and the crowd starts chanting USA…USA! The Olympic Games are the time we as a nation have common ground supporting all of our athletes. Let stay tuned and see who tops the medal count!!

Ok…I know I should be sharing a recipe for fish and chips with you, but that can wait until next week. My girlfriend Melissa gave me a few eggplants because she is a member of a garden co-op. Very cool! I think it’s important to use fresh produce when possible.  I love eggplant and I recreated one of the best appetizers I ever had and it was at Aldo’s of  Little Italy in Baltimore.. the Eggplant Stack. Delicious!!!


Eggplant Stack…with Balsamic Vinegar on a Crostini 


1 medium sized eggplant sliced into 1/2 inch medallions

1 medium tomato ( I use beefsteak) sliced the same thickness as the eggplant

1 loaf French bread or Italian bread

prepared pesto (I make my own but you can use store bought)

slices of mozzarella cheese

olive oil

1/2 cup butter


 2 tsp minced garlic (I use jarred)

balsamic vinegar


1.  Melt butter and add minced garlic in microwave.

2. Pre-heat grill pan or skillet and brush lightly with olive oil.

3. Slice bread thinly and brush with butter/garlic mixture. Place on grill or skillet. Toast both sides until golden brown. Remove from grill.

4. Brush the eggplant with olive oil and season lightly with salt and pepper.

5. Place on grill or skillet and grill until tender. About 3 to 4 minutes per side.

6. Building the stacks…spread the crostini with pesto add a slice of eggplant, spread the eggplant with pesto, add a slice of tomato, top with mozzarella cheese. I like to put my on a baking sheet and place under the broiler to melt the cheese.  Remove from oven and drizzle balsamic vinegar and top with a piece of basil.

This is a delicious and fresh summer appetizers and with the crostini it became a finger food for any party….

Remember..Who Do Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day???