Cooking With The Pros!

The last time I had a meal with an Olympian was in 1976 with Bruce Jenner over my bowl of Wheaties. Honestly, it was not very personal and with limited conversation.  Recently, I had the extraordinary opportunity to interview and dine with Olympian Nicole Barnhart. Nicole is a goalkeeper for the US Women’s National Soccer team that recently returned from the FIFA World Cup Series. She is also a 2008 Olympic Gold medalist. Having accrued an incredible resume on the US Women’s National team,  I was thrilled to meet a humble, sincere, and extremely genuine young woman.

Nicole Barnhart US Women’s National Soccer Team and 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist

Nicole started touring with the US National Team after the 2004 Olympics.  As a 2004 Stanford University graduate with a degree in psychology and studio art, Nicole earned the opportunity to travel the country on the US Women’s National Team as they built momentum and…

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