A few days ago, I shared my essentials for a wonderful tailgate at the stadium or in your backyard. Please don’t believe I own all those fabulous items..That’s the “dream team checklist” for any good tailgating.  Review my “must have lineup” an amazing list. Today….Tantalizing Tailgating Treats.. say that 10 times.

Without a doubt,  the most important piece to any tailgate..the vittles.  I have yet to meet a tailgating fan who doesn’t enter the stadium parking lot or a friend’s backyard without great anticipation of “the tailgate spread”. A good tailgate spread is like Christmas morning….

Let’s start with the “grazing foods”!! Yes..the dishes people eat from the beginning to the end.  Oh.. a myriad of reasons any good tailgate must have “grazing foods”…exceptionally important..Trust me 🙂

Some of my favorites from this past year…for all of these recipes you can comment or e-mail me at


 “Grazing Foods”

Finger foods and dips are a great start to your tailgate!!!!!

Pepperoni Popcorn

 A fabulous way to upgrade your microwave popcorn quick and easy…but delicious

Homemade Potato Chips with Bacon-Beer Dip

Two of my favorites…not the chips

Guacamole and home fried Corn Tortillas….

Very popular in my home…

Artichoke Dip with Fried Pizza Bites…

A yummy dip and these pizza bite are outstanding…..your guests will keep going and going……

Spinach Dip with Garlic Crostini

So rich and creamy………

Buffalo Chicken Dip with ranch crackers and garlic pita chips 

If you like buffalo wings, you will love this dip….

Black Bean Corn Salsa..

 In this picture, I have paired my salsa with chicken and rice as a lite side, but it is usually served with the home fried corn tortillas 

Pesto on a toasted baguette 

Basil is one of my favorite herbs…..this Pesto is fabulous 

Sweet Potato Chips with Pesto Mayo

I love sweet potato chips and the Pesto Mayo is a great contrast in flavors…

Crab Dip with Pretzel Sticks 

I lived in Baltimore for many years and crab dip is a must in my “grazing” options……..

Another amazing way to use my crab dip…..

Crab Melt Sandwiches with Remoulade Sauce

These Monte Cristo type sandwiches can be made well in advance…..these little finger foods are absolutely rich and delectable 

Wings, Wings, and more wings every tailgate deserves some wings 🙂

Old Bay Wings….another staple here on the east coast 

There are many different types of wings recipes I have for you…this is my favorite…

Clams Casino…..number one on Paige’s tailgate/party list

 ” Sooooo classy” as my good friend Giuffre would say…

 Roasted shrimp and mini cheddar biscuits

Outstanding and easy…..I love this combo and soooooo classy

Another favorite recipe….Chorizo and Chicken Meatballs with Chipotle Sauce 

Please, Please, Please….try this recipe 🙂

Philly Cheese Steak Wontons….

A taste of  South Street!!!! 

Another way to use wonton wrappers…………Buffalo Chicken Crunch…

Wonton wrappers filled with a  shredded chicken, hot sauce, ranch, and mozzarella cheese. Then dredged like fried chicken and deep fried..Just like the Cheese Cake Factory

Stromboli with a simple marinara….

I am familiar with using yellow mustard on my Stromboli for a real kick..

Just a few of my dips and finger foods to get your tailgate or home party cranked up.. Remember hit me up on


for all recipes or comment right here.  Next blog…our main dishes for the tailgate….

Remember..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day?