Are you ready for some football??? Each year I swell with anticipation. In life, there are the people that anticipate movie premiers, book releases, the new fall line from Michael Khors, the first day of school (mostly parents)  and then people like me waiting for football. Actually, I am also in the group of people waiting for Michael Khors too… 🙂  This year I am so excited as I have embarked on a new venture…I am involved in two fantasy football leagues. A few years ago,  I thought I was going to get the “one girl card” in our league and they rescinded at the 11th hour. WHAT!!! There was some disappointment, but I have recovered.  To keep it real, I didn’t do the research as effectively as I should have. However, if you know me, you know I always come out on top sooner or later.

Check out my leagues and my teams….The Bmore Chix have a league and Sports Journey Broadcast Network.  My daughter Paige named my Bmore Chix’s team “The Fryers” and my daughter Brooke named the Sports Journey Broadcast team ” Tasty Cake”. We are all about the food.

On August 24th, some of the ladies that contribute to the Bmore Chix site got together at the Green Turtle…Mchenry Row Baltimore, Md to host our draft.  This was the first time I met these ladies and we had a lovely time. Talk about competitive and knowledgeable….we had a blast!!

Lake Lewis, CEO of Sports Journey Broadcast Network,  asked me to join their teams as well. As I was traveling, I couldn’t attend the draft, but you can check out what I “ended up with”…so check out my picks.

So to get you in the mood for game day, take a look at my recent show with retired Redskins player Shawn Springs. Shawn and I met this summer at his football camp in Ashburn, Va. After I catered the dinner for the coaches and their families,  Shawn begged me to be on my show 🙂 For this particular show, my close family friend Craig Lenker a big Redskins Fan joined us in the kitchen. Soooo, much fun……Lemon Pesto Pasta, Fried Stuffed Mushrooms, Meatball Sliders on Garlic Knot, and a tasty drink……

Shawn Springs and myself…..we had a blast.

Part One….Lemon Pesto Pasta

Part Two….Fried Stuffed Mushrooms with my friend Craig Lenker

Part Three….Shawn and I making Meatball Sliders on Garlic Knot

Part Four…..Shawn, Craig, and myself have a tasty drink and sampling the treats……

Please enjoy these treats……..

Remember….Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!