I love plastic disposable cups for a collection of reasons…………..

A.) I love parties and tailgates…

B.) I despise dishes….

C.) I love beer pong and all other drinking games that incorporate plastic cups..

D.) I despise dishes….

E.) I am a mother…who despises dishes…my kids use a new cup for each drink

F.) My friends and I are such good parents our kids play juice pong. We allow this in preparation for real life

G.) At times there are accidents at our parties and tailgates; broken glass is bad

H.)  Plastic cups come in a variety of colors to suit your fancy

I.)  I won’t go through the entire alphabet to explain why I love plastic cups, but I will share my Ode to the “Plastic Cup” and how you can get in on the fun!!

A few weeks back, my friend Ann posted a picture of a Solo cup on Facebook showing her friends what the lines on a Solo cup represent!!

As a former bartender and person that loves to entertain (nice way to say partier). I have always been familiar with what the lines on a “Solo” cup mean. Now I doubt most of my wine and liquor drinking friends follow these guidelines, but it is good information to have. When I host my parties, I typically have a Sharpie on hand so everyone can write their names. Nothing worse than losing your cup (most importantly drink) I realize wine drinkers use the cute little charms to designate who’s glass is who’s.  In my experiences,  by the end of the party, the charms are of little help.  So I deem it best to write names on cups that I don’t have to wash. After a recent party where some guests started to “doodle” on their cups, I thought it would be awesome to host a “Plastic Cup Design Contest” on my blog.  This is a great way for my readers and friends to show team spirit and creativity.

The contest will run until November 30th!! This way you can host your game day parties and tailgates and encourage your friends to create pieces of true art  on a cup!!!

The Plastic Cup!!!! This is your canvas!!!

Many colors and styles….so pretty!!!

I loaded up on the colorful Sharpies and we went to town…..

Displaying my true artistic instinct…….

Please note…..if you design a clear cup to photograph just design one side or place a piece of paper inside before taking the picture….

As you can see….I have one design style…

Designing my cups became therapy…..

Of course….my name….

My friend Heather with some true artistic talent did this for her husband’s Eagles….

And this one for all the girls playing sports….

And my baby Brooke says…..GO

HARD……she’s seven..She didn’t add the “Or Go Home” part 🙂

So here’s the deal…it doesn’t matter if you use Solo, Hefty, store brand or whatever…just enter. I want to see team spirit and real artistry…

Sharpies or any permanent marker are a must……and FYI these can be washed to preserve your beautiful designs for future parties and games….

Don’t worry I will use a panel of my friends who can’t win anyway as my judges…you have plenty of time to create a masterpiece….host a party and get your creative juices flowing…..

Still not sure on the appropriate prizes for such a contest!! I will let you know in a few days!! Just want you to get the minds going. No worries… they will be great

Here’s a delicious drink for your plastic cup!!!

Leslie’s New Favorite Drink

Ummmm..no name!!

1 shot Grey Goose Vodka

1 shot Chambord



Tastes like raspberry lemonade with a kick!!!

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Remember…Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!