Cross Fit Sanctuary Gym in New Hyde Park, New York is an incredible new gym that offers a workout like no other!!! I was able to attend the “Grand Opening” and now really jealous not living in the area. Believe me when I say I would go to the workouts. Well the truth is… Leslie would make me go.  My friend Ann Feldstein invited me to come and hangout for the day at Cross Fit Sanctuary Gym and it was a blast!!!

An absolutely amazing day for the owners and friends involved in this unique workout experience…. Eddy Emmanuel (second to left), Laura Oppenheimer, Ann Feldstein, and Bernard Henry are involved in this venture!!!

Flowers, cards, gifts, and many other well wishes poured in on the day of the Grand Opening….


Outside of the bottle of champagne that was presented as a gift, this was the best in my opinion…look at these cool cookies…

Like it….right now I am “faking elite fitness” 

Family and friends came out to show support and to learn more information on Cross Fit….Ann and her good friend Nancy 

Some of Bernard’s workout fans…..many people have been inspired by Bernie and his work.

Like any big  party there was great food…….

Sampling of  delicious energy drinks and I don’t even like energy drinks….


Guests could have their aches and pains swept away through a relaxing massage…..yes there was a line. People were getting bumped if they stepped away for 5 minutes

Not only does the staff and music blast at you to move your butt so does the equipment 

While looking around at the space, I was trying to figure out what the workout was going to be like..

Some of the equipment,  I am very familiar with…

Some pieces a distant memory, but if my memory serves me correctly….. 24 hours after rowing my body was feeling it!!

And some others, not a clue..Well I know what jump ropes are 🙂 but not the bands. Soon I would find out how all of this equipment was incorporated in the workout.

 Bernard Henry is an outstanding trainer as well as motivator. Through out the course of the day I observed Bernie and the rest of the staff do WOD’s (don’t worry you will soon learn what that is) with children and adults. Great, Great workout!!!

This was a full day of working out and celebration!! Stay tuned for the second part of my blog where you will see how intense these workouts can be and how much Cross Fit Sanctuary has to offer it’s clients….keep reading and

Remember… Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!! 

I talk food next blog 🙂