Sunday Leslie and I headed to the Jets vs Dolphins game at Met Life Field. Fortunately, we had comfy box seats in the Met Life Suite with the pending inclement weather compliments of “Hurricane Sandy” looming. Sandy has since wreaked havoc on the east coast. Sadly, another destructive force that wreaks havoc on the lives of many is  Breast Cancer!!

 “Pink Is Positive”..let’s find a cure!!!!

 For this particular game at Met Life Stadium,  the officials used pink penalty flags in honor of October being “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. Throughout the month of October,  all of the teams in the NFL have been wearing pink in some fashion to bring attention to this terrible disease. In 2009, the NFL started its campaign  “Crucial Catch” with The American Cancer Society. When I first saw the players, coaches, and officials wearing pink back in 2009, I was extremely impressed with the initiative. As an avid football fan my entire life, I was deeply moved that the NFL would make such a great effort to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Because female fans are the largest growing demographic in professional sports, acknowledging a disease that has such a tremendous impact on our mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and friends is of significant importance!

This was my first trip to Met Life Stadium home of the Giants and the Jets!!! Please know we loved our seats in the Met Life Suite…fabulous!!!

As you can see,  several players are still rock’n the pink shoes. Way to support fellas.  I was a big slacker enjoying our stellar box seats with great food and drink. So… truth be told I didn’t get any pics of the officials throwing the pink penalty flags 😦 sorry! 

As Leslie and I enjoyed the game and the good life in the Met Life Suite, we both had to be mindful of the women in our lives that have been impacted by breast cancer…Our grandmothers, my mother, and many close friends have faced this battle.  Even though I experienced my grandmothers death as a result of breast cancer and my mother having a double mastectomy due to her predisposition to the disease; it took me until last year to finally have my first mammogram.  To be honest, I was scared to learn the results considering I had ignored proper care. Thankfully, I had a clean bill of health! Since that time I have learned my health is one of the greatest gifts provided by the universe.

Hurricane Sandy was weighing heavily on the fans…that was the talk of the stadium. The Jets did not fair so well against the Miami Dolphins nor did the east coast fair so well against the hurricane. A positive for the day, exposure to Breast Cancer Awareness and the benefit of spreading the word. 

Breast Cancer Dessert Nachos!!!!!

 Brooke suggested we do pink “Dessert Nachos”…..So Paige and Brooke took on the task of making pink dessert nachos for October!! So here is their work iphone photo and all!! Yummy as always!!!

You can check out my app or my previous blogs for this recipe.

Remember…Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day???