Like most sport fans, I look forward to the Super Bowl as if it were a national holiday. Last week I was watching “Around The Horn” on ESPN and the debate was…should the Monday after the Super Bowl become a national holiday.  All of the panel members said no!!! I listened to their reasons….which basically sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me.  Are they insane?  It should be a national holiday. Let some politician push for that and they have my vote. Even though we won’t have the luxury of partying all night long and then the next day off to recover, I am still planning to make the best of my Super Bowl Sunday…and this past weekend I had the opportunity to brush up on my skills by doing a live cooking demonstration and show at the wonderful grocery store Wegmans in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

My very cool sign……

wegmans 014

It was a great day and show….sadly Tenille couldn’t make because she was still on site cooking for the Ravens 😦 

wegmans 013

 I have some awesome recipes and  know how to throw a good party, but the people at Wegmans are rock stars in this area.

wegmans 012

If you have never been to a Wegmans, find one!! Incredible is all I can say 🙂 This store has everything you need for your Super Bowl party. Their prepared foods department can put together the most amazing party foods for you and your guests!! 

wegmans 2 013

India and Thai……
wegmans 2 008

If you were at Candle Stick Park, you could order Sushi…..if you wanted to have an East Coast – West Coast theme for your party head to Wegmans and order a Sushi platter!!!

wegmans 2 007

Soups to keep you guests warm…..

wegmans 2 011

Wegmans is all about convenience  

wegmans 004

Even though I could spend hours walking around Wegmans, I was here to present a great Super Bowl menu using my recipes coupled with Wegman products…. a lovely combination. 

wegmans 2 016

Jesse and Mello my film guys got us set up and ready to roll……..

wegmans 2 021

And I was rolling…….I love a live audience 🙂

wegmans 2 022

The very exciting introduction of my first guest Terry Ray retired NFL and CFL player turned agent working for Pro Star Sports Agency! Terry has a great energy to him. Plus Terry has some excellent knife skills….check out the cool up top mirror

wegmans 2 025

Terry and I got into work mode and made my black bean corn salsa….This was apart of the Tex-Mex Menu….we coupled my black bean corn salsa, chipotle sauce, and cilantro sour cream with the Wegmans Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, shredded cheese and corn tortillas to show guests how to build a nacho bar for your party. 

wegmans 2 028

This is Debbie and she was the staff member who assisted throughout the day and she was fabulous…the entire staff at Wegmans was fabulous…..

wegmans 2 039

One of the first plates for the guests…..

wegmans 2 037

Everyone enjoying the delicious snacks….

wegmans 2 042

Terry took time to do some autographs….

wegmans 2 048

And some pictures with the fans……..

wegmans 2 047

Guest number two,  Marques Ogden former Raven and brother of Jonathan Ogden. Marques is founder and Cheif Executive Officer for Kayden Premier Enterprises…we did some tacos

wegmans 2 053

We did establish Marques may want to work on his chopping skills but we certainly had a good time on stage….

wegmans 2 051

Our tacos with home prepared taco shells…..yummy…

wegmans 2 058

Terry and I returned to the stage for the Buffalo Chicken Sliders…..

wegmans 2 056

More yummy samples….

wegmans 2 061

Marques and I wrapped up the show with my “Adult Rice Crispie Treats”…everyone assumed I added alcohol…no, no, no! Just a layer of chocolate topped with ground up potato chips and pretzels. Please believe me these treats are outstanding…..

wegmans 2 069

After a marvelous day of fun and food; Rita Gibney, the store manager for Wegmans, presented Terry and Marques with beautiful baskets filled with wonderful Wegman products. Rita was very kind and gave me a wonderful bag as well 🙂 

It was a great day at Wegmans and stay tuned for the show.

Remember…Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day

Check out the recipes below…..

Cilantro Sour Cream
-1 cup sour cream
-1/2 cup chopped cilantro leaves
-juice from half a lime
-salt and pepper
blend in food processor
Chipotle Sauce
– 1 cup sour cream
– 1/2 cup mayo
-2 tbsp adobo sauce from can
– 1 whole chipotle pepper
Blend in food processor
Black Bean Corn Salsa
camp 183
-1 can of black beans (rinsed)
-1 can of sweet corn (drained)
– 1 red onion chopped
– 1 green pepper chopped
-1 red pepper chopped
– 1 yellow pepper chopped
– 1 jalapeno (seeds removed and chopped finely)
– 1/2 c chopped cilantro
-juice of one lime
-salt and pepper
Mix all ingredients together and season with salt and pepper to taste. Sometimes I add a little olive oil
Crab Dip with baked pita chips
– 16 oz lump crab meat
– 16 softened cream cheese
– 1/2 cup mayo
– 2 tsp old bay seasoning
 – dash of Worcester Sauce
-2 packages of white pita bread
-olive oil
-old bay seasoning
1. In sauce pan, cream all ingredients on medium heat until a smooth texture. Maintain over low heat to serve.
2. Pitas are cut into wedges. I “split” the pita in half. Pita is put in a ziplock bag and tossed with olive oil. Spread single layer on baking sheet and sprinkle with old bay seasoning. Put into 350 until golden brown.
Buffalo Chicken Sliders
– 3-4 chicken breast
– Anchor Wing Sauce
–  Wegmans shredded mozzarella cheese
– 2 cups of baby carrots
–  4 stalks of celery
– 1- 1 1/2 cups Wegmans blue cheese dressing
– Potato rolls (24)
– dried ranch seasoning
Carrot/Celery slaw
In food processor, chop carrots and celery. Mix with blue cheese dressing and refrigerate for an hour. Not overnight.
1. Cut entire “loaf” of potato rolls in half. Butter the “inside” parts of the rolls with butter. Brush the top part of the loaf with egg wash and sprinkle lightly with a packaged ranch dressing. Place bread on parchment paper lined baking sheet butter side down. Bake at 350 or until the tops of the egg wash topped rolls are golden brown. When complete, reassemble the “loaf” and pull buns apart for individual pieces.
1. I butterfly chicken breast and pound thin to equal thickness. I cut the meat based on the size of the rolls. For potato rolls I try to get 8 cuts per breast.
2. Put chicken pieces in a ziplock bag and marinate with Anchor Wing Sauce or your favorite buffalo wing sauce. I try to marinate overnight.
3. I prepare the chicken on a stove top grill allowing 3-4 minutes per side.
4. After grilling, I dip back into a fresh bowl of wing sauce.
5. Place chicken on a baking sheet top with cheese and broil until cheese is melted.
Assemble Sandwiches
1. On the base of potato roll, place a piece of the chicken, top with carrot/celery slaw, and put on the lid. Throw in a toothpick.
Adult Rice Crispies
A mix of my treats 🙂
rice treats 003
– 4 cups mini-marshmallows
– 6 cups of rice crispies
– 3 tbsp butter
– 12 oz bag of dark chocolate chips
– 1 1/2 cups waffle potato chip
-1 1/2 cup pretzels (not sour dough)
non-stick spray
1. I use my microwave but on stove top melt marshmallows and butter together.
2. In large bowl, mix rice crispies and marshmallow mixture.
3. Spread onto a baking sheet. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
4. In microwave or in a double boiler, melt chocolate.
5. In food process, blend chips and pretzels to a “bread crumb” texture.
6. Remove treats from refrigerator. Spread with melted chocolate and sprinkle the chip/pretzel mixture.