With all of the excitement of the Super Bowl and the Ravens’ big win, I’ve been on a slight hiatus from the blog. No worries friends, I am back with my  Super Bowl episode and some delicious recipes that you will love. So the week before the ” Harbaugh Bowl” I had the opportunity to do a live cooking show at the amazing Wegmans Grocery Store in Hunt Valley, Maryland. For this live demonstration, my guests were retired NFL players Terry Ray and Marques Ogden. We had an amazing time!!! And to all of the people who came out for the show, thanks for joining us.  Check out what we made 🙂

Terry Ray is a retired NFL and CFL player turned agent working for Pro Star Sports. We had a great time together and he is quite the sous chef I must say. 

One the most traditional dishes you find in the Maryland area or the east coast for that matter is Maryland Crab Dip… I pair mine with baked pita chips. Terry and I demonstrated for the crowd.

Wegmans has an incredible staff that was so helpful the day of the taping. As I typically do all of the prep for my shows, it was unbelievable to have people prep the plates and yes the best part……. the clean up. A big thank you to the staff at Wegmans 🙂 

Marques Ogden was my second guest for the afternoon. Marques, also a retired NFL player, now owns his own construction company in Baltimore.  Marques came with his fiancee Bonnie and ironically ran into some friends of his at the store. His friends insisted that he can’ t cook, but I think he’s on the right track now. Chopping lettuce and tomatoes counts for something…..

Marques and I made tacos….

As we wrapped up this afternoon of great food and fun….Terry and I moved on to my Buffalo Chicken Sliders and Marques and I discussed how to make “Adult” Rice Crispie Treats

I love doing live shows and this was so much fun….

Because the winter months are all about comfort food, I asked the guys what their favorites would be. Terry said..Steak Roquefort with Pom Frits! Yes, that’s Steak with a cheese sauce and fries. Marques said Crab Legs and chocolate cake…

For Terry I made a “deconstructed” steak house meal…. Wonderful party food…all finger foods. I have a confession to make. There were also stuffed mushrooms to go with this lovely spread. Sadly, I was distracted and they baked a bit to long.  Even though they were tasty, they were not photo ready. Remember it all starts with our eyes…..

Steak Bites with Roquefort sauce, Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon, and Home Cut Fries…

terry 004

For Marques….I simply steamed off some crab legs and served with butter…Let me just say my daughters could not have been more excited about the food for this blog..I like to add some cheesy and garlic crostinis  when having any kind of seafood…..

crab 020


Check out all of the segments with Terry and Marques..they were great guest..

Remember…Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!