Another great year at the Ed Block Courage Awards new faces and friends. The awards are hosted to honor one NFL player per team and a courageous act on his part. Players, family members, and friends travel to Baltimore for a weekend to have the individual’s accomplishments honored and acknowledged. While the players are in Baltimore, time is spent with some children at the Courage House of Baltimore as well as children at The Chick Webb Recreation Center.

This year I hit the streets with my friends Leslie and Shelly. Always working in my favor, the universe bringing me positive and dynamic people. People who inspire me, humble me, and energize me. Without fail, my friends and I had our normal karma. Amazing people and a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Ed Block 2013 019

Sunday night the players and family members meet with sponsors and donors….Tramon Williams of the Green Bay Packers and some adoring young fans….my girl has her St. Patties day pin on and that was appropriate as they celebrated Tramon’s birthday!! 🙂

Ed Block 2013 020

Adam “Pacman” Jones of the Cinncianti Bengals chatting with a fan….Adam has tremendous personality… Pacman does his own cooking show “Daddy Cook Wednesdays”…our cooking throw down is in the works  🙂

Ed Block 2013 007

As the event was taking place, I took time to do some interviews….Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans was dapper and has a fabulous energy to him..he’s a comedian and I think he’s channeling my favorite Bernie Mack…

Ed Block 2013 033

Matt Schaub of the Texans and his wife Laurie! Laurie a former Falcons cheerleader can strike a pose…..truly nice people!!! My girl was down with St. Patrick’s Day!! Love the dress 🙂

Ed Block 2013 042

Jahvid Best and his girlfriend Lora….they have know each other since 6th grade 🙂

Ed Block 2013 044

Adam “Pacman” Jones and his beautiful wife Tishana…..Adam couldn’t wait for our interview as I’m his new favorite cooking show personality 

Ed Block 2013 046

Even though you can’t see it in this photo, my guy Colt Anderson of the Philadelphia Eagles was rocking a cool ponytail….making his own fashion statement. Keelie his wife making her own statement with those furious shoes….I promise you I talked food with them not just fashion

Ed Block 2013 048

Awesome memorabilia in the silent auction…..

Ed Block 2013 037

Terrell Suggs on canvas…..he couldn’t attend so this was the replacement player…it does appear as though he is tackling…just a reminder I am a linebacker at heart!!!!! 

Ed Block 2013 036

These footballs are signed by Ed Block Courage recipients of years past….no sticky fingers my way! I don’t even know how to use Ebay 

Leslie, Shelly, and myself had to call it an early evening….Monday morning we were headed to the Chick Webb Recreation Center for a cooking class/show and demonstration… always stay tuned for my next blog along with my fun interviews with the players

Pacman and I chatted it up about food and loving to cook the next day at the rec center….so I am sharing one of my recipes for him to try on “Daddy Cook Wednesday’s”  

Ed Block 2013 103

 Adam’s favorite meal is Whiting Fish fried crispy over Southern style grits with some potatoes and green peppers!! Considering he is a lover of grits, I had to pull out my favorite grit recipe…I love this meal and it’s fitting as the initial blog I share this recipe was all about having true grit!!!! At this point, I think all of these players fit the bill.

Shrimp and Chorizo Grits

– 3 links of chorizo

– 11/2 cups pre-cooked shrimp

– 2 1/2 cups heavy cream (divided 1 3/4 c. and 3/4 c.)

– 3/4 cups hominy grits

-1 3/4 cups water

– 1 cup chicken stock (divided)

– 1 packet sazon season

– 1 tsp adobe (seasoning salt)

– 3/4 cups shredded pepper jack cheese

1. Brown chorizo links in 1/2 cup chicken stock in mediums skillet over medium heat

( after browning, set aside and cut into medallions after 5 minutes of cooling)

2. Preparing the grits

Bring 1 3/4 water, 1 3/4 heavy cream, sazon seasoning, and adobe to a boil.

At a boil,  whisk in 3/4 c. grits.

Cover, reduce heat, and simmer for 18-20 minutes.

3. Preparing shrimp

While grits are simmering, add 1/2 c. chicken stock to skillet used

to brown chorizo and deglaze over medium heat. Add 3/4 c. heavy cream and pepper jack cheese.

Whisk and melt cheese. Add chorizo and shrimp cook 3 to 4 minutes.

4. Serving up great grits!!

Serve grits up individual bowls or family style with a ladle of the shrimp and chorizo mixture on top!!!! Wonderful!!!


Please take care, find your true grit, and give these grits a try, remember……..Who do  you want in your kitchen on game day!