Several years ago, I quietly envisioned a cooking show that embodied sports and food the way I would want to see it from a fan’s perspective. Considering I thought about this concept non-stop for a very long time, I decided after producing ( and I use that word produce very loosely)  a cooking show with my middle school students, to take my vision and develop a show that I knew sport and food fans would truly enjoy. I received tremendous support from my friends. We did our research and reached out to our Penn State family. Chafie Fields a PSU family member stepped up and helped as he is a prominent sports agent and works with several NFL athletes. He recruited former Penn State stars  Michael Robinson and Derrick Williams to be guests on my very first show; shot in my own home. Two and a half  years later, I finally have pieced together a great trailer to pitch my show at the national level. Ok, I didn’t piece it together myself, it was with the help of another close Penn State friend; Marquis Smalls.  Mr. Smalls produces independent films and is guiding me down the right path. So here is the fabulous trailer he has created for me…yes it’s a highlight video!! I love it and remember….Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day :)….