As I continue to push forward for the cooking show to be national, I realize how much my friends and family want to support me. Today, after I put the pitch trailer out for the world to see,  friends sent text messages ,  I received calls,  Facebook in boxes, and even a friend stopped me at the gym. People love people who pursue their dreams. Ironically, I just knew after I taped my first show the world would stop and say “Oh my lord…we need Jen Heasley” that’s not how it played out. Hard work is crucial even on the days you don’t want to do it. This journey has been enlightening, challenging, heartbreaking, and the best gift I have ever given myself; not to negate my two incredible daughters. Stay tuned!!! Thanks for the love 🙂

Today’s work

A Deconstructed Coconut Shrimp Egg Roll….

Yes….I  stole this idea from a wedding I recently attended… but I did add my twist 🙂

deconstructed egg roll 004

Recipe soon to follow….

Remember..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen on Game Day…