CWTP Logo PNG When I started my journey with the cooking show, I was clueless about blogging. One should probably not admit this, but I will have a Dr. Phil moment. Daily I read news feed, without waver watched the nightly news, and had the Sunday newspaper delivered for good measure; however I was perplexed when someone truly explained what the heck it meant to write a blog. In my defense, I was living under a rock. My world of parenting, teaching, exercise, driving my people from here to kingdom come, did I miss parenting, and entertaining my friends on the regular didn’t allow for any time to even have a glimmer of  social media….it really didn’t. But not too long after I did my first show with Michael Robinson and Derrick Williams, Penn State football stars, my friend Carol Ann suggested I start a blog. Like any good school teacher, I went to the Barnes and Noble at the time,  and bought a book on blogging. So….. here we are today. “Jen Heasley is Cooking With The Pros”….. has been the process of a woman embracing her passion and finding her voice. My voice only had to be defined  in print, because  Paige and Brooke will covey very clearly, my voice is loud and clear on any given day..not just any given Sundays. Trust..mama rules in our house 🙂 Right now I’m prepping my Wimbledon Brunch not breakfast. Here in the United States we get the finals starting at 8:00 am. So..please love the wraps, fruit treats, and cold cut bites as a brunch item…..I also suggest a great early morning beverage 🙂

Today, as the girls were swimming at Paige and Brooke’s God Mother’s home; Aunt Charline (who is currently in Happy Valley teaching for the summer as a brilliant PSU alumni would) …we spent time at her home so the girls could swim and allowed me to work.  This is my “Wimbledon Brunch” with translated into their afternoon snack.

Wimbledon Blog 001

When I started food blogging, I became a self taught photographer!!! I’m making my way….My initial photo 🙂 today…out of 75

Wimbledon Blog 004

And mid platter…

Wimbledon Blog 011

Natural light is amazing….look how pretty 🙂 but I didn’t wipe the cream from the fruit treats..

Wimbledon Blog 023

And here the carrots look dry, they weren’t. We ate them. Professional food photographers/stylists  have the tricks (and I’m jealous) ,  but I”m trying not  to make my kids mad as I’m attempting to feed them. Time is of the essences when the peeps are hungry.

Wimbledon Blog 039

As I scroll through the pictures , it can be a challenge to decide what picture articulates the image, idea, and vision I want for the blog. Articulation isn’t just words…it’s all olfactories….my ability to deliver what is going on in my mind and how I want my followers to have a sense of all the senses…

Wimbledon Blog 041

So here I feel I mastered it….I’m pretty ADD but I can attend to task when I know it’s what I love…

I love this…I could talk sports and my efforts to bring you great food for an eternity. Fun and refreshing….it’s great. Everyone should take a leap of faith. Or at least test the waters….we have one life. Play or go home!!! No time to waste….time doesn’t wait for us 🙂

Remember….Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day???