Many high school athletes put together a highlight reel in an effort to gain attention from colleges with the dream they will come a calling with scholarship offers.  Coaches and athletic directors make cold calls knowing that persistence is necessary when an athlete might not be getting the
“looks” needed to receive scholarship offers. Cold calls can be tough, but when I coached, I had no problem doing it. Knowing I had some talent on my team and considering we were very small with little media attention, it was my responsibility to hustle for these young women who didn’t have the resources or knowledge. Making those cold calls wasn’t difficult. No shame at all.  I believed in my athletes and wanted to give them as much as I could. Because I was fearless, I had success. Because I was persistent, I had success. Having this experience under my belt, gives me an advantage as push for my show to be picked up on a national level. Calling people I don’t know and talking about what I’m doing gives me joy. If I don’t believe in me, how can I expect others to believe.  I am fearless, persistent, patient, and confident. For that reason, you will see me on television. The day is coming.  Let’s hope it’s today!

Chicken Parmesan Sliders…..

chicken parm sliders 018

The other day I bought pizza dough for my Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich and in typical Jen fashion; I bought more than necessary. So what to do with the remaining fresh dough? Of course I continued to fry.  And this is what I came up with….little fried dough pockets packed with my delicious Chicken Parmesan pieces. A mini Chicken Parm sub so it becomes a slider.

Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!