On a good day, I remember to take my vitamins.  I’m probably at 75 percent on that. This is the very reason I should be taking my vitamin B 12, it assists with memory loss. I can also say the metabolism boost from the B 12 does put a little pep in my step. I certainly feel better on those days and it enhances the quality of my workouts. Even though I like that boost, I can’t imagine going beyond  over the counter vitamins to improve the quality of my exercise routine. When I  hear reports of baseball players, cyclists, and international track athletes testing positive for illegal substances, I have a difficult time getting my brain around it. Understandably very few of us ever competed at that level, and don’t know the pressure to perform. Still very disappointing. I think most sports fans want to believe the athletes we love are able to peak as a result of “good old fashioned” hard work. Blood,sweat, and tears. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. You get my point.  It’s certainly important to instill in our young athletes the value of staying clean and  “good old fashioned” hard work. If you’re gonna bend the rules, I suggest one bends the rules by dining on this yummy deep fried hamburger. Yup… a deep fried burger stuffed with cheese and jalapenos which I paired it with plantain chips.

Stuffed Deep Fried  Sliders with Plantain Chips!!! 

deep fried burger and plantine chips

Over the weekend, my friend Leslie was in Boston and had an amazing deep fried burger. She called and raved about this….so I am trying to do my best to recreate. My twist is the addition of fried plantain chips. My dear friends Ramona and Raina, put me down with the plantain chips years ago. I fell in love with them. This is a tribute to their Panamanian roots. 


– 1 lb of ground beef

– shredded nacho cheese mixture

– jalapeno

– mayonnaise

– 1  chipotle pepper with adobo sauce

– slider rolls or dinner rolls

– 2 cups flour

– 1 egg

– 1  12 oz beer…a full bodied beer is best ( I used Coors Light)

– 3 large yellow plantains

– vegetable oil


1. Start with the plantains…a plantain is in the banana family. It has a much more coarse “peel”. So you must chop the end and then peel off the peel. I use a mandolin to slice the plantain into chips. In a large skillet heat oil to 350 degrees, fry plantains. Drain on a paper towel lined plate. Salt when they are still hot.

2. Prepare burgers…I pinch off a piece of ground beef. “Dig a hole” insert my items to be stuffed and then ball up. After rolled into a ball, I flatten it out. I used cheese and jalapeno to stuff my burgers, but you could use anything or nothing for that matter.

3. On a grill or griddle, cook your burgers. You will reduce the cook time as they will be deep-fried. You don’t want the burger over cooked.

4. While grilling burgers, prepare batter. In a medium bowl whisk, flour, beer, egg, and some salt. It should be a pancake batter consistency.

5. When burgers have cooked,  allow them to rest for a few minutes.

6. After allowing burgers to rest, dip burgers into batter and fry. You can use the same oil from frying the plantains. Slowly ease the burger into the skillet. Fry burger until golden brown. Sprinkle with salt when complete…

7. I topped my burgers with, lettuce, jalapeno, and chipotle mayonnaise( combine chipotle pepper, adobo, and mayonnaise in a food processor)

8. Plate and then feel free to cry. Let it go…don’t worry about the guilt. This is how you bend the rules.

Remember….Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day???