Even though gambling isn’t my gig in life, I’m so mad I didn’t set up a poll on my blog for the birth date and name of the royal baby; plus all of the other factors the media had been discussing regarding the birth. Prime example, the debate if this would be a natural birth or one added by an epidural. If my girl Kate knows like I know, she took that shot in the back. At any rate, after watching the news early this morning, I realized I could have made a major mint just running an nice spread sheet with a whole collection of these questions that were seemingly very pressing. This had way more potential than your average March Madness poll. Do you know how many sports fan would have jumped on my bandwagon and placed a bet? I’m wondering if all the bookies in Vegas have this whole thing on lock and if so….does it trump the winnings one might get if they beat the odds on the Super Bowl or NCAA final? If you are pondering why I would write about the baby across the pond. Yesterday I did hours of driving because… let’s just say I need a  GPS. While being lost, every radio station on my dial allowed me to hear all about the “heir to the throne”…I’m so disappointed I didn’t get in on this! 

Paige’s Grilled Pound Cake with Strawberries, Marshmallow, and Chocolate… 

pound cake 007

This was a quick snack Paige made today when she finally returned home from a being away for quite some time.  Just grill up some store bought pound cake and add your marshmallows, strawberries, and chocolate chips. It’s pretty darn good!!

Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day???