Football preseason is in full swing with all things football. Please know I love every minute of it. Between the best NFL games from last season to the quarterback countdown by Ron Jaworski it is simply intoxicating. As captivating as the countdowns and previews of the upcoming season are, the new Under Armour commercial is by far my favorite.  As I sat down this morning to write, I researched this commercial and oh my gracious, I became even more excited. Not only was it taped with real high school players from St. Francis Academy right down the road from me in Baltimore (my home for 10 years), but one of Baltimore’s sons Ray Lewis,  was a producer on the commercial. After realizing that Ray was one of the producers for this commercial, it was all so clear as to how the emotion permeates the television into your heart and mind. Ray was definitely one of the most passionate players ever to grace the gridiron.

Tell me this isn’t amazing……love it!!!

Crab Dip on Cheddar Biscuits……

This is a requirement for any good Baltimore-an


Remember………Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day?