For all intents and purposes, I was definitely the definition of a tomboy growing up. My brother Joel is two years older and Jon and I are of course the same age. They were my “play dates” when we were very young. There were no girls. That being said, I loved rough housing and sports. Not that I was a Tatum O’Neal in “Bad News Bears” (even though I loved me some Walter Matthau) , but pageants weren’t on my life storyboard either. I enjoyed my sport camps in the summer and have lived most of my life in sweatpants and caps. So the Irony as we move forward to July 2013 and my peeps are bit different. My older daughter Paige  plays field hockey and is on the track team (jumping is her gig), but my gal is all about the glitz and glam. So over the last two days, Paige and I have traveled and explored the world of fashion and modeling. Do I wish I had been at an NFL training camp somewhere… sure? Would I trade the time I spent with my baby,,no? I haven’t cooked since my day of cooking on Thursday, but yesterday on my world wind tour of the fashion industry, I did have the opportunity to enjoy amazing pizza at “Joe Squared” in Baltimore, Maryland…. this was DELICIOUS!!!!!!! Luck would have it as I researched this great spot….it was featured on the Food Network Show…. Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Thankfully, you can all rest easy knowing I am capable of selecting dishes and locations you should frequent. We had a basic pepperoni pizza and it was fabulous!!!!

Here is my baby at Joe Squared……this pizza was awesome and she was so excited for this day of fashion at the “Girl’s LIfe Magazine Back-To-School Bash”

paige, baltimore, nadette, 005

And my girl won a beautiful leather coat!!!!! It’s not like winning tickets to a game or vintage Terry Bradshaw jersey, but it will work I guess.  

paige, baltimore, nadette, 008

And her new friends….they all won these awesome leather coats..Very Cool. 

paige, baltimore, nadette, 009

Another cool piece to the day, the Orioles were playing the Red Socks and I am now realizing why so many of our friends from the north were at Joe Squared as it’s not super close to Camden Yards…..word of mouth or the Food Network…either way great!!!!

So today’s cooking tip,…if you are in Baltimore for a game or any other reason for that matter,  go to Joe Squared…

Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day????