So I’ve been on a mini blogging break for the last few weeks. Even though the gurus’s in the blogging world say you should not break from writing, I had slow it down for a minute. Talk about being busy. Holy moly!!! But I was busy in the best way possible. The amount of traveling I did and the people I met was tremendous. In the next few blogs, I will share my summer experiences with you. Today is all about the  fun from the Penn State vs Syracuse opening day at Met Life Stadium!  Wonderful day with many of my Penn State friends and family.

Our Tickets………


Our day began as number 6 in line to park at Metlife Stadium….yes the party started early..we did feel validated by the other early arrivals..

PSU Game 006

Leslie and I were with our friend Matthew. Matthew another Penn Stater joined us for a great day for fun!!! 

pregame 001

It really does pay to be super early for the day of partying. When I tell you we parked front and center, we were first row! Look at us…

PSU Game 017

So my friend Blair Thomas stopped by for a bite to eat. Blair was an All-American at Penn State and will be hosting his own radio shows at home Penn State games. Make sure you call in…..Blair chatting with a fan!!! 

PSU Game 020

Our neighbor tailgaters had these cool decoy ducks….for what you might ask??

PSU Game 027

Yes.. for shots!! The shot… a mixture of amaretto and beer. I can personally attest that this mixture is rather delicious.

PSU Game 034

Lee Rubin came through!! Lee is a former team captain and author the the book “Win”. Lee also has a book geared to student athletes. 

PSU Game 036

At game time, we made our way through the crowd. This fine young gentleman showing off his PSU pride. That’s the sign of a true fan. 

PSU Game 037

Don’t be jealous!!!! Our seats were awesome. Poor Matthew and his son were not even close to us! We returned to our tailgate to keep the party going after the game was over. Lots of good food and drink was had by all.

matthews drink

Matthew has a company that produces this non-alcoholic carbonated beverage called Spurst. It’s something for kids or adults. At the game, Matthew was mixing it with tequila and vodka for our tailgate guests. It has the light flavors of grapefruit and lime. Yummy. is the site. 

There was a ton of food. I over cooked to be honest. But I didn’t do a very good job taking pictures this go round. Way too much socializing and not enough photography. Just know no one went hungry. 

So I am back to my blogging and more recipes to come. Also my show will be airing soon. I’ll keep you in the loop. Have a great day and It’s good to be back!!

Remember…..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!