Reality hit a few weeks ago.  I’m not just a blogger and show host, for many of my unaware fans, I’m also a middle school science teacher in my spare time 🙂 and yes the 2013-2014 school year has begun. Things have been crazy. Starting school, taping three new shows, catering events, and oh not to forget taking care of my favorite gals. Paige and Brooke.

 So to keep you in the loop, here are a few highlights from my amazing summer!!!! 

St. Francis Academy and Chipotle Wings 005

My interview with the players from the “I Will” Under Armour commercial…St. Francis Academy in Baltimore. Ettijele Ubuane # 59 and Keyon Smith #20….

St. Francis Academy and Chipotle Wings 006

And two of the coaches…… Joe Torres and Jamari McCollough 

St. Francis Academy and Chipotle Wings 009

And head coach Messay Hailerman…great guy

Aaron and Patrick shoot 010

One of my most recent show with Patrick Boyle and Aaron Wilson

Aaron and Patrick shoot 004

Aaron Wilson Ravens writer for the Baltimore Sun and Patrick Boyle played for Temple and ended the season last year with the Washington Redskins..

Aaron and Patrick shoot 001

Production guys…..

ravens training camp 2013 005

At the Ravens training camp with Brooke and my girl Melissa…good family time

ravens training camp 2013 007

Of course corn hole…

ravens training camp 2013 012

Hanging with the cheerleaders

ravens training camp 2013 019

For this preseason game, we went to Annapolis

ravens training camp 2013 038

Commentators on the big screen….

ravens training camp 2013 065

Warming up….

ravens training camp 2013 086

QB Joe Flacco in position

ravens training camp 2013 087

Going back for the pass….

ravens training camp 2013 189

 A sea of Ravens fans

ravens training camp 2013 192

Action on the field

ravens training camp 2013 103

A fan favorite Ray Rice……

ravens training camp 2013 203

Preseason is pretty easy going I must say….there was some “casualness” to the practice

ravens training camp 2013 293

Look at the adorable young fan…. 

ravens training camp 2013 301

The beauty of pre-season games the fans have access for autographs…people are so excited to see the QB

ravens training camp 2013 311

After the game, and Brooke with her autographs….My friend Melissa took 358 pictures this day. Sorry couldn’t share all of them

wally and marissa 004

In State College with my friends,  former PSU basketball player Marissa Hoover and former PSU quarterback Wally Richardson….It’s rare for me to be the shortest one in the room 🙂 

wally and marissa 023

Wally is back in State College and he is the administrator of the Letterman’s Club. Wally, Marissa, and I spent a day together cooking. 

wally and marissa 103
Wally with my Ultimate Italian Sandwich….a big hit

wally and marissa 105

 Very pleased with the sandwich that has a ton of meat

wally and marissa 120

Our final product…..

wally and marissa 131

Marissa gluten free dessert……..

wally and marissa 143 Our berry strudel dessert….gluten free….

PSU Game 033

PSU opening day at the Met LIfe Stadium in New Jersey….my friend Lee Rubin

Louis and bennie 003

One of my most recent shows…Louis Riddick. Retired NFL player, NFL scout, and now an ESPN analyst 

Louis and bennie 006

Dr. Craig my sous chef…he is a big part of my show prep

Louis and bennie 008

 Some of us must stay connected at all times…..

Louis and bennie 039

Getting ready to create the magic….

Louis and bennie 020

London Broil for my steak house menu!!!

Louis and bennie 043

Beautiful sweet vidalia onions for my onion rings….

Louis and bennie 072

My oh my….some steak skewers and delicious onion rings. Amazing 🙂

Louis and bennie 069

Our steak house meal wasn’t complete without our baked potato bar

Louis and bennie 098

Yummy grilled garlic bread….

Louis and bennie 090

Let us not forget our dessert, chocolate fondue dipped chips……mmmmmmm

Louis and bennie 103
Father and daughter photo op…..

Louis and bennie 108

Shooting two shows in one day can be tough 🙂 my second guest retire NFL player and coach Bennie Thompson

Louis and bennie 124

Pulled pork enchiladas anyone… cook your pork low and slow for about 8 hours 

Louis and bennie 129

Bennie showed his skills by rolling the enchiladas like cigars

Louis and bennie 121

Cilantro and jalapeno rice…..oh la la

I have had a super busy summer and  now entering fall. Please stay with me for the much more to come

Remember…..Who Do You Want In The Kitchen On Game Day???