When I started as a high school track coach, my job (in my mind) was to develop athletes. I didn’t really focus on what the coaching package meant. After day two on the job, I realized my  “job”, was so much greater than the technical advice and information I could provide. My calling seemed to be more parental. At that point in my life, I wasn’t a mother and only had the experience of being a 1st grade teacher. Let’s just say, high school girls, were a whole new beast for me. Thankfully, I was blessed with the beauty of young women who were ready and willing to learn and be nurtured. To be candid, all I could provide these young women  was compassion, empathy, and respect for other’s circumstances. I was not a mother and couldn’t even fake it.  In hindsight, I think I manged things pretty well. Coaching was probably one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Where am I going with this you might ask?  Well…I had the opportunity to tape a show with Essence Carson of the WNBA.. New York Liberty. Essence was my guests, because her high school track coach Sharon Allen express to me how unbelievable Essence is. Sharon didn’t just focus on Essence as a professional athlete, but who Essence was as an athlete in high school, but more importantly… who she is as a human being. Let’s just say Sharon knows her athletes. Essence is simply fabulous.

Louis and bennie 138

Taping with Essence Carson….tremendous young woman and this week I will highlight how wonderful she is…in Coach Allen’s words

“She is a renaissance woman” 

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