Saturday I was to tape my last show for this up coming season of” Jen Heasley’s Cooking With The Pros”. Unfortunately, the weather forecast leading into Saturday morning  spoke of snow and freezing rain doom and gloom. Worried about everyone’s safety, I cancelled and rescheduled for next weekend.  Low and behold….we didn’t get a stitch of snow until 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon. Mother Nature is trying to take a sister down. I’m on a schedule over here. 🙂 Even though taping is a major priority, I did have a nice day with the girls, some college basketball, and of course the announcement of the Heisman Trophy winner.

After all of my busy work for the day was complete, I sat down with the girls to watch the Kentucky – North Carolina game. If you want to split hairs, I watched the game as Paige listened to music on her phone and Brooke played mind craft on her I-pad, but we were together snuggling. Essentially.. I enjoyed a game that didn’t disappoint. Standard ACC basketball.  North Carolina prevailed, but Kentucky look fabulous with their freshman crew.

As the game wrapped up, our attention turned to the Heisman Trophy Awards being hosted in Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This was the largest class ever of 6 young men. Jameis Winston a 19 year freshman  of Florida State was the winner. Winston has had a challenging year and I felt was rather eloquent while making his acceptance speech. He was very mature in his delivery.  During the hour long show, the ESPN analysts interviewed the nominees as well as highlighted previous Heisman winners. As the camera panned the crowd,  it showed a room filled with legends.  Barry Sanders, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, Doug Flutie, and so many others.  When the camera turned to the wall of pictures featuring previous winner, they paused on Mark Ingram as a former winner out of Alabama. Immediately I perked up and told the girls how I met Mark at last years Ed Block Courage Awards. Fun facts like that excite my daughters. Automatically, the girls ask was he nice and yes he was very nice. Rather humble and gracious truth be told.  Mark is another player who had a moving story as a Heisman winner. He was another to over come major adversity. Both Ingram and Winston have certainly displayed great resilience.

Mark Ingram 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner and 2013 Ed Block Courage Award recipient…..

Ed Block 2013 135

Mark getting ready for autographs….

Of course my friends Leslie and Shelly were with me at the Ed Block Courage Awards….now I’m not sure how Shelly got the photo op with Mark and I didn’t….actually that’s a not true. I took the picture

Shelly and Mark

Ed Block 2013 180

Basically our Saturday was spent prepping to make our holiday treats for friends and family…I’m sure you’ve noticed over time reading my blog I’m really not a sweets person. The sweet treats  I make are for you my readers and my children.  We worked on our favorites….chocolate covered potato chips and pretzels. This year we also did marshmallow pops and chocolate coated  candy canes….


Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Potato Chips

Love them……

Chips pretezles and mussels 011

For the salty-sweet fans, two treats are the best!! Most are familiar with the chocolate pretzel but the chip is


Now for the marshmallow pops and chocolate dipped candy canes….Go to you local craft store for lollipop sticks and one large bag of marshmallows. Put sticks in marshmallows and place on wax paper. Melt a bag of semisweet chocolate chips in the microwave and dip. Place back on wax paper and cool. While still tacky…. I crush up peppermint candy and roll. 

candy canes and hab chix 002

These are rather tasty….

I also decided to work on my newly found love….Habanero Honey!! It’s my new favorite dip for wings, shrimp, hoe cakes…so on and so forth

Habanero Honey Wings….. 

candy canes and hab chix 001

Yes…these wings are awesome… I can’t release the recipe at this moment as it will be one of the featured recipes on an up coming show and I  am crafting the balance… Sweet-Heat 🙂 

Stay tuned…………….

Remember..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!!