For most parts of the United States, this winter has been “Cold As Ice” with a lot of sacrifice and many will be paying the price when the electric bill comes. This has been the coldest winter in about 20 years for the northeast. Interestingly enough though, when I think of the potential temperatures in Sochi, Russia, I’m thinking Pennsylvania will probably look like a balmy vacation spot. In a few short days, the 2014 Winter Olympics will commence and my daughters are thrilled. Please note this excitement is not because they enjoy cold weather sports. Their maximum amount of time spent sledding  is approximately 20 minutes which is the same amount of time it takes them to get dressed for the outdoors.  Brooke lasted 2.3 minutes on ice skates at a birthday party and Paige is deathly afraid of getting hit by a snowball.  So let’s just say my children are all about the tradition and pageantry of the Olympic Games and not actual participation. On a positive note, they did go snow tubing with their Aunt Melissa and apparently that was a big hit. We might have some break through.

At any rate, global unity is on it’s way for about two weeks. Unfortunately, there is some controversy and concern looming over these particular games. My hope is some shots of good Russian Vodka will make all the hate and anger disappear. Athletes should have the opportunity to travel internationally pursing a dream they’ve held close for years without fear of political backlash, protest, and/or violence. Most of you know I rarely write about controversial subjects, but I think we call all agree to pray for a safe Olympic games where all athletes and fans return home without harm.

My Olympic Show….

Jessie Gaines 002

Adrian Hamilton of the Ravens, myself and Olympic hopeful Jessie Gaines

 Yes..Adrian comes to almost every show just to eat. I owe him big time for spending a day at my school and he has no problem telling everyone he comes in contact with that I owe him..

So this weeks show was with a firecracker of a young lady Jessie Gaines. Jessie is a long jumper and Olympic hopeful from Newport News, Virginia. To make our Olympic Theme international we made….French Bread Pizzas, Swedish Meatballs, Caribbean Shrimp, and a cool idea for an Olympic Vodka drink with life savers to represent the Olympic rings. 

 French Bread Pizzas…..

Meat lovers











– 8″ Italian Rolls 

– Marinara sauce

– Shredded Mozzarella cheese

– Pepperoni Slices

– Spicy Italian Sausage (pre-cooked and slice)

– Meatballs (slice) 

( I make my own meatballs or you can get store bought)

– Italian Seasoning

– Olive Oil

– Fresh Basil Chopped 


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Split rolls in half, using a pastry brush, brush with olive oil and sprinkle on some Italian seasoning. Place on baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes.

3. Remove from oven and start building pizzas. Start with a layer of Marinara Sauce and then a ton of shredded Mozzarella. Because these are individual, people can get wild and crazy with their toppings.

4. Once all toppings are on, I usually sprinkle on some more Mozzarella.  Place back in the oven and bake another 4-5 minutes. Watch the cheese. You can also place under the broiler to get the cheese really gooey.

5. Remove from oven and garnish with your chopped basil. The aroma of fresh basil is to die for….

French bread pizzas are great for a big party. Everyone can decide exactly what they want on their pizzas.. For my day of pizza making the girls and I stuck with meat and cheese, here are some other great toppings

-Roasted zucchini, egg plant, or squash

-Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions

-Sauteed green, yellow, orange, and yellow peppers

– Use Pesto instead of Marinara 

– Ham and Pineapple 

– Olives 

– Shredded Chicken maybe Buffalo or BBQ

Just a few suggestions outside of my choices for the day.

Be bold and daring I say

This weeks show was sponsored by Beasley Ford-Lincoln of York, Pa…

Enjoy these great Olympic games..

Remember..Who Do You Want In Your Kitchen On Game Day!!